Lynchburg Wrinkles

We have many possible treatments to address wrinkles.
Both neurotoxins and fillers can smooth and fill wrinkles.
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Addressing Wrinkles With Injectables

As we age, wrinkles are a natural result of gravity and time. Here at Lynchburg Aesthetics we have many ways to address this process.

NEUROTOXINS – Muscles of the face tense and create lines. By using nurotoxins like BOTOX®,. Xeomin® and Dysport® we can relax muscles and create a rested, smooth and refreshed appearance.

FILLERS – Hollow cheeks, deep wrinkles and folds of the face can be filled and restored. There are many products and combinations of treatments that can do amazing things to restore you appearance without surgery

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Patient Reviews

I look and feel refreshed. Thank you Dr. Carvajal!

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